The body and the beat - appetizer

Your heart is made of cardiac muscle. This type of muscle only exists in your heart. Unlike other types of muscle, cardiac muscle never gets tired. It works automatically and constantly without ever pausing to rest. Cardiac muscle contracts to squeeze blood out of your heart, and relaxes to fill your heart with blood.

Despite the remarkable insights researchers now have about the immune system, it remains a daunting task to develop immune modulators—drugs that can mimic the immune system or trigger it into action. That is because there are a few dozen distinct immune cells that release between 50 and 100 signaling molecules—molecules that tell the other cells what to do and when. When the relationships among these cells and molecules are graphed, the result looks like a plate of spaghetti. Altering the behavior of one cell or molecule can upset the entire system. Barnett Kramer, a medical oncologist and director of the Office of Medical Applications of Research within the National Institutes of Health (NIH), says the complexity of these relationships makes it as difficult to cure cancer with immune modulators as it is to “repair a fine watch with a screwdriver and a hammer.”

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Food intolerances can cause leaky gut, where larger food proteins cross into circulation. This confuses the immune system, triggering an inflammatory response when certain foods are eaten.

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The Body And The Beat - AppetizerThe Body And The Beat - AppetizerThe Body And The Beat - AppetizerThe Body And The Beat - Appetizer