Sui generis - lo mejor de lo mejor de sui generis

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OK Here we start

this is the only acceptable reformulation in chanel men's line .

others big no especially Egoiste .

antaeus 1981 to 1989 : god what to say about it ??
it's glorious .

in vintage the top missing one note " Nutmeg "
also in the mid missing the " Sandalwood " and lavender .

the opening in vintage one is : green citrus with spicy coriander and Brown Nutmeg , with this you do get the " Myrhh " it's smoky and feels real deal and expensive , I don't like myrhh but in vintage antaeus it's so smooth .

the mid notes : ohhh god it's so rich and potent ,
I mean the rose jasmine and thyme all are oily .

the Rose is red cherry like the color of blood , the jasmine is thick white " it's the Egyptian one " mixed with Balmy white Sandalwood .

the " Thyme " think it's from Greece , omg guys what to say i'm speechless the mid in vintage is very oily riche SSSSSSo Colorful .

the Base even Richer : the star in the Base is the Banned " oak Moss " it's earthy herbal the color of ash and pencil .

the patchouli not sweet here not earthy " Brown " in color that's the Dried on .

in vintage it's green ") no sweetness here , so green mixed with oak moos and leathery " labdanum "

as you can feel antaeus is indeed a colorful perfume

ash oak mossy
green citrus in top
red like Blood .

Current 2017 Forum : it's a bit womanly powdery , Missing lots of notes .

well not bad but I have problem in its dry down .

update :

missing " Notes " in vintage antaeus I forgot to mention there .

it's the Bees wax , " Dry Down "

and Tobacco leaves " Mid note "

Sui Generis - Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor De Sui GenerisSui Generis - Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor De Sui GenerisSui Generis - Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor De Sui GenerisSui Generis - Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor De Sui Generis