Shura cherkassky - pianoforte

Jaques Samuels record label started to support young artists – all profits to the artist.

Jaques Samuels becomes Europe's biggest dealer of Fazioli.

Over seven decades of his concert career, starting in the 1920s, Cherkassky made a large number of recordings for RCA Victor, Vox, Swedish Cupol label, HMV, DG (the famous Tchaikovsky concerto recordings, and a later stereo recording of Liszt 's Hungarian Fantasy with the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Herbert von Karajan ), Tudor, Nimbus and Decca ('live' BBC recordings). He made his last recordings at age 85, in May 1995, seven months before his death. These were a selection of Rachmaninov's pieces to act as fillers for his recording of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3 made the previous year.

The K-05X arrived via freight two months ago, in early spring, in oversize, squarish, double cardboard boxes strapped to a wooden pallet and cocooned in plastic wrap. When I’d cut through everything and opened the inner box, I found the player nested in polystyrene frames under a shield of foam. In cutouts in the foam were a small cardboard box containing the remote control, power cord, two AAA batteries, a warranty card, and a thick owner’s manual. The K-05X weighs pounds, measures ”W x ”H x 14"D, and is finished in a natural silver color (black has been discontinued). I had to wrestle a bit to get it out of the box -- it’s just enough larger than most players I’ve dealt with that my hands couldn’t simultaneously grip its top and bottom panels. I had to get my fingers under it, press my palms against its side panels, and lift. And as I lifted, I was already impressed with the feel and the dry, almost grainless sheen of its case -- its heft and slightly oversize dimensions whispered “luxury.”

I've said this before: in the real estate world, the three most important things are location, location, location; in the world of concert performance, they are programming, programming, programming...   Continue Reading

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Shura Cherkassky - PianoforteShura Cherkassky - PianoforteShura Cherkassky - PianoforteShura Cherkassky - Pianoforte