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The Mao suit remained the standard formal dress for the first and second generations of PRC leaders such as Deng Xiaoping . During the 1990s, it began to be worn with decreasing frequency by leaders of Jiang Zemin 's generation as more and more Chinese politicians began wearing traditional Western-style suits with neckties . Jiang wore it only on special occasions, such as to state dinners. Hu Jintao still wore the Mao suit, but only on special occasions, such as the ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic in 2009. [3] Hu Jintao even showed up to a black tie state dinner in the United States wearing a business suit, attracting some criticism for being underdressed at a formal occasion. [4] [5] In the Xi Jinping administration, however, the Mao suit made a comeback as a diplomatic uniform and evening dress .

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Hats and helmets can provide a good sturdy non-flexing base for EL wire. Cut holes in fabric, or drill/melt holes in plastic to pass the wire in and out of the hat at desired locations.

A small inverter and battery (9V type, for example), can be hidden in a hat with extra space inside, so those are generally preferred over something tight, like a low-crown baseball cap.

The high-pitched whining noise of the EL wire system can be difficult to wear near your ears, although some people don't mind it.

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Finally, there are lots of packing lists out there. Most of them are made by people who are just setting out for the first time, and they haven’t been updated with lessons that have been learned the hard way. Here are:

Let's face it, sometimes your favorite old sweatshirt stinks and basic washing just won't eliminate the smell. If normal washing doesn't do the trick, you may need to take a different tactic to eliminate difficult body odor. Use one of these methods to get the bad smells out of your clothes once and for all.

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Meanwhile, the Boricua Coalition of Minnesota, which is made up of state representatives, artists and community organizers, has partnered with the St. Paul Foundation to help raise relief funds for Puerto Rico.

Other People's Clothes OPC HomeOther People's Clothes OPC HomeOther People's Clothes OPC HomeOther People's Clothes OPC Home