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Top 5 ATM
1) 16 Bit Lolitas - Nobody Seems To Care
2) Roger Martinez - Kaleidoscopic
3) Ormatie - She Very
4) 16 Bit Lolitas - Murder Weapon
5) Alex Dolby - Cairo

The integration of a reprogrammable RFID chip – combined with the proven reduction in losses it delivers – makes the Concept Tag the only hard tag secure enough to effectively combine both technologies in a cost effective way, reducing the time needed to deliver ROI.

INSTALLATION DU THERMOSTAT SUR LE MUR 1. Pour détacher le couvercle du thermostat, saisissez le thermostat d’une main et, de l’autre, tirez doucement le haut ou le bas du couvercle. 2. Retirez soigneusement l’emballage qui protège le commutateur. 3. Faites passer les fils dans l’ouverture au centre du thermo- stat et raccordez les fils sur les bornes à...

If you just spilled acrylic paint on your clothes, use a plastic knife or paper towel to scoop and blot as much of the paint off as possible. Then, turn the garment inside out and run it under warm water. Mix 1 part dish detergent and 1 part warm water, dip a sponge or cloth in the mixture, and dab at the affected area until the stain fades. Rinse the stain with warm water, then wash as normal. If you don’t have dish detergent, read on for ways to remove acrylic paint with hairspray, vinegar, or isopropyl alcohol!

Detacher Test By TestDetacher Test By TestDetacher Test By TestDetacher Test By Test