Various - retro arena 2006/1

The playable characters are Sonic and his new werehog form. Tails is also playable, although in mini-games rather than actual 'Sonic' gameplay. Chip is also playable as the Gaia Colossus in the final boss stage.

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As you play you’ll notice how every area of the game has a distinct feel to it and is inhabited by different creatures with different can affect creatures differently depending on which form you are in, and changing between them is done by a simple button combination or, in some cases by picking up a certain power up. These things make the game feel almost like an adventure game and half the fun of playing it is interacting with each new creature you meet to see what it’ll do. At the end of each stage though, there is the typical boss battle to fight, and the road to them is almost completely linear. These battles are fun and all, but the format ends up feeling somewhat forced and kept thinking the game would have really benefited from a more open ended world.
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And here's another quality sequel of Traffic Slam, in which, this time, you will not destroy traffic. Your task is to destroy the other riders in the arena and in addition also do various tasks, such as earning enough money, to destroy the building and so on. For money you can buy various improvements, which will help you in your insane ride.

Various - Retro Arena 2006/1Various - Retro Arena 2006/1Various - Retro Arena 2006/1Various - Retro Arena 2006/1