Various - panzerfaust records sampler volume 1


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Hungern takes on the shapes of various nightmarish mouths as it tries to consume the enemy, ranging from horse heads to anemones. Expect lots of teeth! Some of its attacks may have a bit of a Takashi Murakami vibe to them. In addition to its biting and grabbing attacks, Hungern can also be opened like a regular umbrella, allowing Umbrella to float in the air for certain attacks.

  Helmet :
 The French Para helmet was WWII US M1c or the M1 with a modified liner which had received the TAP/EO Airborne Indochina modification.  The camo net was the US WWII   M43 net with its foliage band. On the photo above, the band  holds a US WWII Carlisle dressing which was much preferred due to water resistance.  The white cord looped around the foliage band is a piece of parachute suspension cord which was used to secure the helmet to the webbing during parachute jumps. 
In fact the TAP/EO modification were not that strong and sometimes broke during parachute jumps resulting with the loss of the helmet.  With the cord, the helmet would stay suspended to the webbing to be retrieved once on the ground.

For the Nineteenth Division Kurland was truly the last stand. They took part in six major battles between October 12, 1944, and April 3, 1945. Together with the German army units they on the whole held the front line, keeping the Bolsheviks out of Kurland, until May 8, 1945, when Germany capitulated. These soldiers remained undefeated until the final moments of the war, im Felde unbesiegt, as the Germans say. In one of the last battles, Captain Miervaldis Adamsons' company in a single 24-hour period repelled seven attacks by the Russians, and after the battle the bodies of 400 fallen Soviet soldiers could be counted in front of the Latvians' unconquered positions.

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Various - Panzerfaust Records Sampler Volume 1Various - Panzerfaust Records Sampler Volume 1Various - Panzerfaust Records Sampler Volume 1Various - Panzerfaust Records Sampler Volume 1