Cytric chemical connection

The chemical formula for citric acid is best shown by a diagram of its complete structural formula. This shows how the atoms are arranged in the molecule

The citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle isn't the only set of chemical reactions cells could use to release chemical energy, however, it is the most efficient. It's possible the cycle has abiogenic origins, predating life. It's possible the cycle evolved more than one time. Part of the cycle comes from reactions that occur in anaerobic bacteria.

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Citric acid is normally considered to be a tribasic acid, with pK a values, extrapolated to zero ionic strength, of , and at 25 °C. [14] The pKa of the hydroxyl group has been found, by means of 13 C NMR spectroscopy, to be . [15] The speciation diagram shows that solutions of citric acid are buffer solutions between about pH 2 and pH 8. In biological systems around pH 7, the two species present are the citrate ion and mono-hydrogen citrate ion. The SSC 20X hybridization buffer is an example in common use. [16] Tables compiled for biochemical studies [17] are available.

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The citric acid cycle is continuously supplied with new carbon in the form of acetyl-CoA, entering at step 0 below. [14]

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Two steps (Rx. 2 and 3) are required to isomerize the position of the -OH group on citric acid. This first step is a dehydration of an alcohol to make an alkene. The cis-aconitic acid remains bound to the enzyme aconitase in readiness for the next step.

Cytric Chemical ConnectionCytric Chemical ConnectionCytric Chemical Connection