Dark enigma revelation

Revelation 13 Earth Beast To understand the interpretation of this beast, read the material below the picture and also see the Prophetic Rules of ...

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A bowl falls to the ground and breaks, leading into "Knocking on Forbidden Doors". The drum beats in the song were made to resemble the sound of a door being knocked. A guitar enters and slips aside quietly for Gregorian chants, this time a part of " Salve Regina ", and fading into the "Back to the Rivers of Belief", another three-part track. It begins with "Way to Eternity", featuring composer John Williams ' five-toned notes from the science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), which leads to mellow Gregorian chants. The beat from "Sadeness" returns with violins for the start of the second part, "Hallelujah". The triangle and voice from the first track reappears and repeats itself. The final section, " The Rivers of Belief ", features Cretu singing the chorus. After that, the music stops completely, and John Forst's unfamiliar male voice recites 8:1 from the Book of Revelation — "When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, silence covered the sky" — which is sampled from 666 (The Apocalypse of John, 13/18) (1972) by Aphrodite's Child. Incidentally, the sentence about the seventh seal enters at the seventh minute and seventh second of the seventh track on some pressings of the album. The music closes with shakuhachi flutes, Cretu's vocals, and a falling star effect followed by the "Enigma horn". The song fades out and, when the album is played on repeat mode, fades right into the first song again creating a full loop.

After a relatively long gap since I had last updated the custom story I have finally returned, I had lost my drive to continue working but I have returned with more experience and ideas. With this I have a few pictures to show of what I have begun working on, I will also be going back and re-working previous levels to bring them up to standards.

Dark Enigma RevelationDark Enigma RevelationDark Enigma RevelationDark Enigma Revelation