Popcorn everybody let's dance

As always, I encourage everyone to educate themselves. Read the studies and information listed in the references below, and learn more about the data surrounding the subject of diacetyl. Come back next week when we look at the subject of Nicotine absorption levels and how they are affected by what we use to vape, and the way we vape. Until then, we look forward to your questions and comments. Vape on!

Obviously there are other moments of assholery, but I feel like we’ve covered the main points. Basically, everybody’s an asshole. The end.

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Oh, those good old times! I became a fan when the special editions came out in 1997. I couldn’t wait to see a new Star Wars movie.
Gosh, I recorded the trailer on VHS when it was aired on TV, and watched it about a billion times. I couldn’t believe the scope and beauty of it all!
The expectations were just too high. Anyway, I saw TPM at the midnight screening, and I was blown away by it, but it was impossible to take it all in. The next day, I saw it another 3-4 times, and all together I went to see it 15 times in the theater, and countless times since then!
It will always be the most special cinematic experience for me!

PC: Obviously you aren't one of those people who was desperate to be on television. But do you enjoy filming Homicide Hunter?
KENDA: You know, my real motivation to do the show is that finally being able to talk about these cases is therapeutic for me. I’ve never been able to talk to anyone about any of this shit. Not my wife, not anyone. It’s just ugly business.

True Tones – A Oldies (Doo Wop) Group True Tones According to my notes from the internet (FrankP): Ron Henderson is their lead tenor. Just found out that Gene ...

Hodgkinson (2003) highlighted another model—the Schools of the 21st Century—that regarded students as whole persons in their family context. This "is one of the most successful models for putting together all of the factors … that contribute to the positive academic, emotional, and social development of young children" (p. 14), including (1) school-based programs; (2) strong links between early childhood and schools; (3) strong parental support and involvement; (4) universal access; (5) a focus on children's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development; (6) strong staff training and development; and (7) a commitment to serving working families. Schools of the 21st Century is now offered in over 1,400 schools in a wide variety of communities across the United States. Although the core components just mentioned are always present, the program is flexible enough to maximize the program's success in the unique "fingerprint" of each community setting.

Although both heating systems can be used across the country, those in colder climates may want to consider a furnace or a geothermal heat pump. Both work well in sub-freezing temperatures because they draw heat from the relatively constant temperatures in the ground. Geothermal heat pumps are especially recommended for severe cold climates.

Popcorn Everybody Let's DancePopcorn Everybody Let's DancePopcorn Everybody Let's DancePopcorn Everybody Let's Dance