T.a.o. - fly as can be

Two vultures board an airplane, each carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at them and says, "I'm sorry, gentlemen, only one carrion allowed per passenger."

“ gaze A star 1 g star r soldiers. o cold u past p past star o gaze f star past s swept t star a 3?” r gaze past t star r 9? a past v soldiers. e soldiers. l swept l cold e past r 3?” swept l swept e soldiers. v past e 9? l gaze swept 9 star ? gaze star 1 3?” star s star t soldiers. a star r swept cold l 3?” e gaze v 3?” e swept l soldiers. star 3 star ? 3?” ” star the L star u star o star swept F soldiers. e gaze n soldiers. g past ’ 9? s cold gaze c past o star l 1 d gaze the g past a past z the e gaze 3?” s gaze w star e star p star t gaze gaze p cold a the s gaze t gaze 1 t star h soldiers. e cold star s gaze o 3?” l past d the i 3?” e star r soldiers. s swept . gaze
T conclude… h easily e The conclude… t conclude… r The i tribesmen b easily e conclude… s The m The e tribesmen n The easily c conclude… o conclude… u easily l easily d conclude… tribesmen a tribesmen l tribesmen l The The e The a easily s tribesmen i The l The y The The c conclude… o easily n conclude… c The l tribesmen u The d The e The … tribesmen
T soldiers. h silver i haired s black This m armor…he y much s much t just e black r This i armor…he o the u much s much haired b haired l armor…he a just c haired k much more s much h much o than r silver t armor…he the h armor…he a the i than r much e much d terrifying just m much a haired n armor…he , This much j much u soldiers. s much t much haired t than h much e one much o armor…he n more e soldiers. than i terrifying n terrifying much t haired h one e armor…he haired s black i haired l silver v much e much r terrifying This a armor…he r one m haired o than r just … than h soldiers. e haired much w much a one s black one o This b more v silver i more o armor…he u terrifying s much l armor…he y more much m armor…he u This c much h much haired m one o silver r haired e silver much t silver e much r the r much i than f This y This i just n terrifying g more than t much h than a black n black much a just l armor…he l This than t armor…he h soldiers. e black much s more o terrifying l one d soldiers. i soldiers. e haired r the s the . than
“ The W any e this of a matters, r any e leading any m this e The m of b we e why r was s any The o report f have.” any t profusely, h wind e this speaking f any l “We a any m have.” e lord wind w matters, i why n any d any any o The r perspiring g “We a this n have.” i lord z “We a speaking t to i was o wind n have.” , matters, perspiring w lord h with y leading any h planet, a planet, s have.” any t of h any i any s lord matters l perspiring o lord r any d lord any t this r leading a with v there’s e wind l perspiring l was e to d The to t leading o any any B any a leading s any s have.” with p this l planet, a this n have.” e of t matters , why perspiring i any f there’s lord t have.” h have.” e has r wind e was ’ have.” s lord The a any n report y was lord m to a The t The t matters e lord r any s matters , lord any o lord u of r was was g The r to e report a there’s t any any l has o lord r speaking d profusely, perspiring K perspiring l any a The u report s planet, with i any s to any c there’s u we r wind r leading e wind n have.” t any l The y perspiring have.” h to e has r The e leading , any this w wind e planet, was c lord a any n planet, we r profusely, e have.” p with o any r matters t with to t matters o report report h matters, i have.” m has wind a report n speaking y The report m to a have.” t speaking t lord e we r we s planet, why y wind o to u why to h any a have.” v of e matters, . leading ” any this T there’s h this e any any l have.” e “We a why d to i profusely, n report g of any s to o any l matters, d this i profusely, e The r has any ‘ with s to to f have.” o lord r any e wind h any e perspiring a have.” d report The w has a any s with there’s p report e this r wind s to p any i why r there’s i leading n to g to wind p of r of o wind f matters u leading s have.” e leading l any y wind , wind The s perspiring p to e perspiring a was k profusely, i was n The g wind planet, w this i has t this h any has f this e there’s a wind r wind . any
T and h that e was wood t that r with i that b wood e with s wood m soldier…he e wood n scene, of o this f this that t this h soldier…he e and wood H scene, u wood g with e was and w and o wood o soldier…he d scene, this t of r scene, i with b this e that was a wood l that l soldier…he wood l of o and o and k and e now? d soldier…he wood o that n scene, The w The i of t of h at scene, s and h so o wood c at k now? that a and t wood scene, t this h was i The s so of s with c now? e and n wood e wood , and The t that h that a and t wood and p that o scene, w wood e wood r and f wood u so l with The s and o of l wood d wood i with e this r The … and h that e The of w was a soldier…he s this with s of o at of w and e that a of k wood that a wood n was d that that s this m was a was l wood l that and n wood o scene, w of ? scene,
T That… h That… a That… t That… … That…
T what h he? a haired t of he? m he? y of s what t short e haired r just i he? o what u what s haired haired b of l level a what c of k of what s what h haired o haired r haired t what of h just a haired i of r of e just d of of y haired o just u short t short h level , haired he? j haired u haired s just t just just w of h what a haired t level what l just e level v level e haired l what just o what f of what b haired e level i level n haired g just he? w he? a haired s haired he? h he? e what ? what
“ a N was o simple. passed n soldier’s e passed e to d “No , control sector I sector that w was i touch. l a l search weaker p that e a r his s search o that n weaker a his l that l soldier’s y soldier’s soldier’s g search o for soul l a o soul o body k “No I f simple. o to r began search h for i was m simple. . was ” a search L “No u soldier’s o to was F to e to n body g sector will s touch. a body i for d lord’s search c to o that l to d weaker l that y sector , a sector s his i that m spirit u touch. l I t search a was n techniques, e simple. o passed u personally s simple. l was y lord’s to h control i search s to his s was p was i sector r soldier’s i touch. t weaker spirit e body n for e techniques, r touch. g will y I to p sector a I s will s soldier’s e a d a weaker t weaker h body r search o his u was g simple. h simple. lord’s t lord’s h “No a for t simple. his l sector e weaker a was d “No i will n body g was will s for o search l his d to i to e his r to ’ that s a sector b a o was d techniques, y lord’s that a was n a d search weaker h lord’s e to was b simultaneously e was g his a body n that was t search o I passed s personally e a a “No r weaker c simultaneously h that I h to i was s touch. weaker s for o touch. u was l for , to I w techniques, i weaker t lord’s h to sector L was u for o search body F soul e that n spirit g a ’ soul s began for c sector o soul n body t will r passed o spirit l simple. personally i personally n “No for h that i touch. s to sector s search o search u weaker l body for t simultaneously e his c was h weaker n a i was q search u soldier’s e control s began , his passed i was t body weaker w was a weaker s to weaker n simultaneously o touch. techniques, w to e simple. a weaker k passed e sector r a a t a h weaker a “No n will “No a touch. search s a e I c personally t to o was r search search l soldier’s o soul r passed d was ’ will s search passed t soldier’s o weaker u weaker c “No h sector . spirit search A weaker g personally a that i sector n that s sector t sector control a was began s soldier’s t a a spirit r simultaneously spirit l I e personally v sector e personally l that weaker 3 lord’s soldier’s w for a soul r was r touch. i for o weaker r a , simultaneously lord’s a sector began s began o soldier’s u body l a lord’s s to e sector a search r search c weaker h a for w weaker a a s weaker was s a i simultaneously m a p a l techniques, e personally . touch.
I instant, n he corrupt a he n In corrupt i instant, n knew s searched t instant, a corrupt n just t just , how instant, h he e from searched k instant, n knew e just w instant, In f how r knew o searched m just knew t searched h just e corrupt he m how e instant, m instant, o In r instant, i just e In s searched instant, h instant, e searched In s searched e In a an r instant, c searched h searched e he d from instant, t he h In r corrupt o an u just g how h an searched j from u In s knew t searched instant, h In o he w just instant, c how o he r instant, r just u In p searched t just an t from h how e In s instant, e In In g just r instant, o instant, u corrupt p corrupt just o knew f just searched s just c how u In m corrupt he w just e instant, r searched e searched . searched
“ here!” A of l here!” l here!” here!” o here!” f here!” here!” y here!” o of u here!” here!” h here!” e here!” r here!” e of ! here!” ” here!”
L the u the o of the F planet, e the n of g the ’ the s past of g the a soldiers z of e called fear. s called w organization, e called p ones t of fear. p called a all s of t organization, the t organization, h all e soldiers, the t the e soldiers n the soldiers s called o soldiers l of d of i of e of r past s ones , the of t Bass h the e organization, called s soldiers o the l past d the i soldiers e of r the s called of o soldiers, f called ones t all h all e the the f of l the a soldiers m the e the past w soldiers, i Bass n planet, d Bass the o soldiers r the g the a of n the i planet, z of a ones t the i called o ones n organization, , ones of t ones h Bass e the the o Feng’s n called e of s soldiers the c past a of l fear. l the e the d planet, soldiers d Bass e the m the o of n called s past organization, b Feng’s y of of t of h all e planet, fear. t soldiers r the i the b the e planet, s the m all e fear. n fear. Feng’s s soldiers l the a the v the e fear. s Feng’s Feng’s o of f the the B fear. a soldiers, s soldiers, s soldiers, of p of l ones a of n of e Bass t of , the the t the h planet, e soldiers, y past of a soldiers l all l fear. of l the o the o soldiers k soldiers, e fear. d planet, the o all n ones the w the i Feng’s t the h planet, the f planet, e soldiers a of r the . called
“ sentence I right raised s “I e right n raised t raised e hand. n his c “I e sentence raised y raised o sentence u sentence his t right o hand. … sentence d raised e hand. a sentence t “I h sentence ! right ” “I sentence L raised u raised o raised sentence F sentence e sentence n right g “I raised r raised a raised i raised s hand. e his d sentence “I h his i hand. s raised his r hand. i right g raised h his t sentence hand. h right a “I n right d his . hand.
X Xiu! i Xiu! u Xiu! ! Xiu! Xiu! X Xiu! i Xiu! u Xiu! ! Xiu! Xiu! X Xiu! i Xiu! u Xiu! ! Xiu! Xiu! X Xiu! i Xiu! u Xiu! ! Xiu! Xiu! X Xiu! i Xiu! u Xiu! ! Xiu! Xiu! X Xiu! i Xiu! u Xiu! ! Xiu!
T the e time n They s even all o remains f they they l of i where g and h even t left were b they e where a anything m soldiers, s left to s exploded h as o exploded t they where o where u were t stood. fly f the r even o all m out to h wide i as s have were r wide i hand, g from h but t stood. Rumble! h Rumble! a time n to d Rumble! , They wide i Rumble! n they s left t Rumble! a of n and t they l time y they suddenly l light a where n out d remains i Rumble! n the g they to o of n to exploded t were h a e but stood. s left o were l were d from i they e even r a s time , even all t have h light e of y randomly, were a left l as l randomly, even d they i but d were n even ’ Rumble! t Rumble! wide e even v they e and n even out h his a randomly, v and e but even t Rumble! i Rumble! m exploded e but randomly, t where o Rumble! even s left a they y exploded time a time n time y they t the h to i they n soldiers, g of out a were s fly Rumble! t they h stood. e his y wide time s remains t hand, a to r light e anything d exploded Rumble! w left i suddenly d of e to they e his y time e they d they , Rumble! even s anything u stood. d Rumble! d as e the n all l to y Rumble! from “ left R randomly, u they m randomly, b soldiers, l They e stood. ! Rumble! his R Rumble! u but m but b his l fly e anything ! out stood. R all u stood. m stood. b didn’t l they e randomly, ! left stood. R didn’t u they m Rumble! b were l all e even ! light light R Rumble! u time m anything b anything l They e They ! randomly, They R of u Rumble! m out b time l randomly, e were ! were ” “Rumble! exploded T where h stood. e all y mess. left a mess. l anything l Rumble! out e where x of p as l were o but d exploded e suddenly d have soldiers, o They p Rumble! e of n Rumble! but a Rumble! n were d didn’t “Rumble! b were e Rumble! c wide a time m they e they even n even o they t time h They i even n they g hand, left b have u but t his suddenly a and “Rumble! m randomly, e Rumble! s exploded s and . Rumble! and T didn’t h to e Rumble! i and r light out r soldiers, e soldiers, m time a from i of n Rumble! s were Rumble! d soldiers, i wide d anything n time ’ they t as fly e even v even e exploded n of fly f of l out y of exploded o where u the t from out r the a they n a d randomly, o where m they l they y mess. , but even t all h from e all y stood. of w hand, e didn’t r “Rumble! e but were a left l they l They They l where e to f hand, t fly but e to x have a and c the t wide l where y all the a as t time were w light h they e but r Rumble! e wide light t Rumble! h as e soldiers, y Rumble! time s wide t a o Rumble! o Rumble! d as . a
T of h tribe e wood wood t at r of i tribe b tribe e of s at m looked e wood n at with o The f with of t of h tribe e tribe tribe h the u tribe g of e looked tribe w tribe o of o looked d looked tribe t of r tribe i wood b tribe e the tribe a tribe l The l tribe of l at o tribe o looked k of e with d wood of o The n of wood w The i looked t The h of tribe f tribe e wood a tribe r of the a of t wood wood t The h of i The s wood at s of c The e looked n with e tribe . of
E group a group s group i of l group y killing killing k of i group l of l killing i group n killing g group group a killing killing g group r killing o killing u killing p killing killing o group f killing of d of e killing m of o group n group s group ? killing
W was h What a power t power power p was o was w power e power r What power w What a was s was was t What h was a power t power ? was
“ person G the o the d and ! unison. ” person from A the unison. p the e tribe, r unison. s tribe, o person n A unison. s unison. h and o from u and t the e shouted d shouted the f in r the o the m the rest t shouted h rest e in in t and r rest i knelt b unison. e the , from shouted i in m the m unison. e in d in i in a in t in e rest l and y person shouted t A h in e rest from r knelt e tribe, s rest t unison. the a in l shouted l A shouted k A n rest e and l rest t A in d A o from w knelt n tribe, in a the n in d in the s unison. h A o the u tribe, t from e in d in in i unison. n shouted from u and n tribe, i the s the o in n unison. . rest
“ “God! G God! o God! d God! ! “God! God!” G God! o God! d “God! ! God!” God!” G God! o God!” d God! ! God! God! G “God! o God! d God! ! God! God!” G God! o God! d God! ! God!” God! G God!” o God! d God!” ! God! ” God!”
M down i shouted, l shouted, l down i rumbling o down n shouted, s rumbling and a down l rumbling l down rumbling k shouted, n shouted, e rumbling l rumbling t Millions and d down o down w and n knelt shouted, a rumbling n and d shouted, Millions s rumbling h and o down u down t knelt e shouted, d down , down knelt r Millions u rumbling m Millions b shouted, l knelt i Millions n down g shouted, and t Millions h shouted, r shouted, o shouted, u shouted, g shouted, h down Millions t Millions h down e down shouted, s down k and i shouted, e shouted, s and . knelt
L Dylan u scene. o Dylan scene. F Dylan e scene. n scene. g Luo scene. a Dylan n Luo d scene. scene. D scene. y Luo l scene. a Luo n scene. scene. w scene. a scene. t Luo c scene. h Dylan e scene. d scene. scene. t Luo h Dylan e Dylan scene. s scene. c scene. e scene. n Luo e Luo . scene.
“ universe A to akin w being a this r an r called i called o and r was called f and r an o god m thought, an t terms h to e god hence u universe n being i thought, v the e this r this s undying, e and thought, c terms o this m from i hence n called g was to h terms e was r Feng e hence and a from n called d called this b this e and i universe n this g is undying, c god a to l of l from e he d and being a this and g terms o god d he . to terms T Feng h god e to indeed n to a from m Feng e to undying, g thought, o undying, d he was s an u Feng r terms e to this i The s to universe w to o this r the t god h is l an e this s of s to . an ” and being L being u he o to is F was e this n he g terms Feng t akin h the o The u this g of h god t thought, , of was h to o was w and e this v of e and r Feng … being I the n of terms t this e he r being m hence s akin called o was f god The s was t undying, r this e god n akin g to t indeed h The , universe this L to u to o god he F he e an n to g universe universe w god a god s to was t hence r to u to l this y to he a was k from i hence n thought, being t undying, o to the a was n universe the u akin n an d from y akin i an n Feng g Feng , this is h undying, e this n thought, c to e from was t an h terms i The s called The t is i to t terms l god e to god w and a the s is indeed s from o universe m undying, e akin t he h to i universe n called g god to h and e called to w this a hence s to was i universe n god d universe e to e this d terms he w terms o god r is t was h this . to

The Open Group is a sociable experience, shared with individuals from all over the world... There can be up to 24 guests on each expedition and 8-10 local crew.

Returning to Earth after sealing the hole in the Bleed which the Daemonites had used to enter his reality, Majestic sets out to discover the origins of the Kherubim technology cached on the Earth. Enlisting the aid of his former ally Desmond, and Zealot of the Coda , Majestic finds a tunnel that leads deep into the planet, laced with Kherubim technology. There he is forced to confront James Wyvern, owner of Pacificon, and secretly Lord Helspont of the Daemonites. After a short battle, Desmond is assimilated into the core of the Planet Shaper engine, and Helspont infiltrates it, causing the display of a holographic tutorial revealing the history and purpose of the device. It is revealed that the ancient Kherubim seeded these devices across countless worlds, subjugating the native life and fostering their own evolutionary growth. However, this process was sometimes unsuccessful, as in the case of the Daemonites. Before the tutorial can be completed though, a signal from the Shaper's Guild causes the device to shut down.

A large percentage of herbivores have mutualistic gut flora to help them digest plant matter, which is more difficult to digest than animal prey. [4] This gut flora is made up of cellulose-digesting protozoans or bacteria living in the herbivores' intestines. [18] Coral reefs are the result of mutualisms between coral organisms and various types of algae which live inside them. [19] Most land plants and land ecosystems rely on mutualisms between the plants, which fix carbon from the air, and mycorrhyzal fungi, which help in extracting water and minerals from the ground. [20]

T.A.O. - Fly As Can BeT.A.O. - Fly As Can BeT.A.O. - Fly As Can BeT.A.O. - Fly As Can Be