Element of crime - crime pays

Another chapter told a story of demographics: As the number of young men increases, so does crime. Unfortunately for this theory, the number of young men increased during the ’90s, but crime dropped anyway.

A violation of 18 . § 2(b) occurs when an individual "puts in motion or . . causes the commission of an indispensable element of the offense," United States v. Ubaldo , 859 690, 750 (9th Cir. 2017) (quoting United States v. Causey , 835 1289, 1292 (9th Cir. 1987)). 

A defendant adjudged to have committed civil assault is liable for damages. The question of the amount that should be awarded to the victim is determined by a jury. Compensatory Damages , which are aimed at compensating the victim for the injury, are common. Nominal damages, a small sum awarded for the invasion of a right even though there has been no substantial injury, may be awarded. In some cases, courts allow Punitive Damages , which are designed to punish the defendant for the wrongful conduct.

“The plot stuggles to make sense, but I love the post apocalyptic feel of the film, nicely shot in sepia as well - adds to the downbeat mood”

14 – Foyle’s War (2002-06)
Set during World War II but on the home front, this crime drama was first shown in 2002, and ran for six series. Created by Anthony Horowitz, it featured a taciturn English detective working in a south coast town. Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen), is supported by two stalwarts. Driver Samantha Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks) is straight out of Enid Blyton, and won the hearts of countless male viewers, while the dogged Sergeant Milner (Anthony Howell) overcomes his disability (he lost a leg in the Noway Campaign) to provide solid support for his boss. With near-faultless period detail the weekly crimes are nearly always related to wartime issues, such as desertion, the black market, and spying. According to sources, the series is set to continue at least into 2015.
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The accomplice can be guilty of a greater offense than the perpetrator. For example, A and B discover B ' s wife in an adulterous relationship with C . A says kill C . B pulls his gun and shoots C killing him. B would have the benefit of provocation which would reduce his offense to manslaughter. A , however, would be guilty of murder.

Crime by type Organized crime . Organized crime in the Philippines can be linked to certain families or barkadas (groups) who perpetrate crimes ranging from extortion ...

Element Of Crime - Crime PaysElement Of Crime - Crime PaysElement Of Crime - Crime PaysElement Of Crime - Crime Pays