Madrugada - the deep end

Ten Social Club Challenges are available for members of the Rockstar Games Social Club . Each challenge unlocks a cheat, as listed below. As with the ones above, these cheats are not added via a code.

The samples used in Chill Out contribute fundamentally to the character of the composition. In particular, the recurring sampled sound effects of rolling stock and other transport illustrate the journey concept, often during segues between parts of the composition. Many of these effects are taken from the 1987 CD version of Elektra Records ' Authentic Sound Effects Volume 2 . The tracks used are "Crossing Bells and Horn with Electric Train Pass" and "Short Freight Train Pass", along with processed versions of "F18 Diamond Fly-By", "Dodge Van Starts, Drives Out", and "Surf". [4] Samples of American, British and Russian radio stations are also used, including the BBC pips and a jingle from Tommy Vance 's Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 : "Rock radio into the nineties and beyond". Some of the more obscure sounds (Tuvan throat singers and Basque shepherds in the Pyrenees) come from the Saydisc Records soundtrack of the 1980s "Disappearing World" series on Granada TV in the UK. The phrase "Your feeling of helpnessness is your best friend, savage" is taken from the 1957 science fiction film The Brain from Planet Arous .

Madrugada - The Deep EndMadrugada - The Deep EndMadrugada - The Deep EndMadrugada - The Deep End