Bleiburg pieces of a broken dream

The Chetnik movement also functioned as a civilian organization during the interwar period , initially as the "Chetnik Association for the Freedom and Honor of the Fatherland" ( Udruženje Četnika za slobodu i čast Otadžbine ), a Chetnik veteran organisation formed in Belgrade in 1921. The aims of the organisation were to foster Chetnik history, spread Chetnik ideas, and to care for disabled Chetniks and the widows and orphans of fallen Chetniks. Initially the organisation was aligned with the Democratic Party , but the increasing influence of the Serbian Radical Party resulted in a split of the organisation in 1924. [35]

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DVD - .wav
.wav 1 . (Frostwinter Remix) 3:04
.wav 2 . (Bleiburg Remix) 7:32
.wav 3 . (Leæther Strip Version) 6:02
.wav 4 . (Dead Parisan Remix) 2:39
.wav 5 . (MDMA Remix) 3:27
.wav 6 . (Tento11 Remix) 6:33
.wav 7 . (Electrocabinette Remix) 2:28
.wav 8 . (Kinder Von Nos Remix) 6:03
.wav 9 . (Dirty Land Version) 5:13
.wav 10 . (Kammer Sieben Remix) 5:59
.wav 11 . (Code Voire Remix) 2:51
.wav 12 . (Dead Man's Hill Remix) 3:46
.wav 13 . (Orchestra Of The Deep Mix) 5:14
.wav 14 . (Buddah Version) 3:11
.wav 15 . (Circus Joy Remix) 3:08
.wav 16 . (Ain Soph Remix) 3:12
.wav 17 . (Anxious Morbid Disorder Remix) 3:05
.wav 18 . (Rain Of Sadness Mix) 6:54

The project is influenced by the Bleiburg massacre, a crime committed by Yugoslav partisans on Croatian Nazi collaborators.

By now Kenneth Kirschner should be well-known, at least in these pages he is. He has had various releases on labels such as 12K, on the internet and plays the piano. On his website you can find samples of his piano playing and the way he treats them, and nothing else. A bit like this CD, really. It has a nice cover, mentions the titles of the three compositions, but nothing else. The piano sounds are fed into the computer and inside the world of ones and zeroes it's treated. Although I heard quite a bit of his music, I don't recall I ever treated to this extent. Not so much in the short opening piece (or rather relatively short), but in the following piece, the sound of the piano entirely disappeared, and is replaced by extensive computer treatments. Ambient glitch with capital A and G. In the third and longest piece, Kirschner walks more a balance between the natural acoustic sounds of the piano and treatments that run along. Kirschner's compositions are always 'quiet', but not in a Lopez/Gunter/Feldman way. Sounds are heard, but very seldom die out beyond sustain or have long passages of no sound. There is always something happening. I was reminded here of the work Eno did with Harold Budd: ambient music, using a real instrument, the environment, and sometimes electronics. From the various works I heard so far by Kirschner, I think this is the most varied work, showing well the various sides of his work and recommended as an introduction - the die-hard fans will get this anyway. (FdW)
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Bleiburg Pieces Of A Broken DreamBleiburg Pieces Of A Broken DreamBleiburg Pieces Of A Broken DreamBleiburg Pieces Of A Broken Dream