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During the genocidal violence of 1990s Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brkic and Ismic were the antithesis of ethnic divide. Brkic was Serbian. His girlfriend, Ismic, was a Muslim. Their relationship began when they were teens and flourished for nine years. But by 1993, their native Sarajevo had become a cesspit of cultural turmoil. Determined to stay together and escape the bedlam, they planned to run off together . But Sarajevo was pocked with trigger-happy snipers, making travel perilous at best. Luckily, sympathetic friends in the city’s Muslim-run military promised to help them exit unscathed.

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01 David Bowie / Heroes
02 Air / How does it make you feel
03 Jeff Buckley / Corpus Christi
04 Lana Del Rey / Shades Of Cool
05 Isaac Hayes / Walk on By
06 Goldfrapp / Annabel
07 Sigur Ros / Svefn-g-englar
08 Pink Floyd / Comfortably Numb
09 Beck / Round the bend
10 Archive / Again
11 Nada Surf / Blonde on Blonde
12 Widowspeak / Harsh Realm
13 Portishead / Roads
14 ALT-J / Taro

By 1885, there were about 1,800 dues-paying members of a general union in Butte. That year the union reorganized as the Butte Miners' Union (BMU), spinning off all non-miners to separate craft unions . Some of these joined the Knights of Labor , and by 1886 the separate organizations came together to form the Silver Bow Trades and Labor Assembly, with 34 separate unions representing nearly all of the 6,000 workers around Butte. [25] The BMU established branch unions in mining towns like Barker, Castle, Champion, Granite, and Neihart, and extended support to other mining camps hundreds of miles away. In 1892 there was a violent strike in Coeur d'Alene . [26] Although the BMU was experiencing relatively friendly relations with local management, the events in Idaho were disturbing. The BMU not only sent thousands of dollars to support the Idaho miners, they mortgaged their buildings to send more. [27]

01 . Will You Be Mine - Bill Campbell & Valerie Harrison 02 . Get Up - Bill Campbell & Valerie Harrison 03 . Your Tender Lip...

Jah Thomas / Midnight Rock Crew New Dress StyleJah Thomas / Midnight Rock Crew New Dress StyleJah Thomas / Midnight Rock Crew New Dress StyleJah Thomas / Midnight Rock Crew New Dress Style