The fuzztones fuzztones in heat

The original Sonics reunited briefly in 1972 for a live show at Seattle's Paramount Theater, with the recording of this show released as Live Fanz Only by Etiquette. [4] In 1980, a new Sonics fronted by Gerry Roslie recorded the album Sinderella , which featured versions of the original band's material.

But Cage the Elephant aren't trying to replicate the music they're honing in on – there's a big difference in tone and mood. Even at their most horndog angsty, those LBJ-era kids were bristling with wild enthusiasm; Cage singer Matt Shultz seems more jittery and frayed. The languid dream-folk standout "Trouble" sounds gorgeously burnt, with a vaguely hounded feel that evokes red eyes hidden behind mirror-shades. "Sweet Little Jeanie" is where the Beatles' "She's Leaving Home" meets a grisly, punked-up dead end ("We pinned your missing picture up on every mother loving post/How's it feel to be a ghost"), and the trouble-girl heroine in "Punchin' Bag" isn't just a neighborhood hottie with a rep, she's a horror show who "carries a knife." These guys aren't just reliving classic sounds, they're giving them a frantic sense of dread that's perfect for our own dislocated, paranoid times.

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The Fuzztones Fuzztones In HeatThe Fuzztones Fuzztones In HeatThe Fuzztones Fuzztones In HeatThe Fuzztones Fuzztones In Heat