Various - lista przebojów programu iii - 1982

Music journalist Frank Merschmeier wrote for his review on the official Swiss music charts chart that the song is without a question a "definitive lovesong" and goes on by liking the religious background note of the song. [19] The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung awarded the single release four out of five possible stars. Journalist Violetta Schranke calls "Change the World" a "beautiful pop song" with "delicate production" with lots of "guitar artwork" and "fanstastic bluesy singing". The critic also liked, the background vocals, that featured Babyface on the track. [35]

Elton John, Bernie Taupin and Big Pig Music were accused of plagiarism by South African photographer and songwriter Guy Hobbs. Hobbs wrote a song in 1982 entitled "Natasha", about a Russian waitress on a cruise ship, who was never allowed to leave it. The song was copyrighted in 1983, and sent to Big Pig Music (John's publisher) for a possible publishing deal, but Hobbs never heard back from the publisher. In 2001, Hobbs came across the lyric book to "Nikita" and noticed similarities with his song. Despite repeated attempts by Hobbs to contact John over the issue, he never heard from him and so commenced legal action in 2012. [6] [7] On 31 October 2012, a US federal judge granted John and Taupin's motion to dismiss, finding that the song did not infringe Hobbs' copyright because the only similar elements were generic images and themes that are not protected under copyright law. [8] [9]

" Change the World " is a song written by Tommy Sims, Gordon Kennedy, and Wayne Kirkpatrick whose best-known version was recorded by the British recording artist Eric ...

Various - Lista Przebojów Programu III - 1982Various - Lista Przebojów Programu III - 1982Various - Lista Przebojów Programu III - 1982Various - Lista Przebojów Programu III - 1982