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Also during late-2012 CoCo Star revealed on her official Facebook page that the record companies had confused the vocal recordings and sampled the original 1996 version of I Need a Miracle (released on Greenlight Records), instead of the 1997 re-recording (released on EMI/Positiva). She also wrote that the agreements that were entered “are now known to be ‘Unauthorised’”. On CoCo Star’s SoundCloud page she wrote that the 2008 Inpetto remix of Toca’s Miracle , made by the talented Duderstadt brothers, as well as other remixes, were never authorised either. [5] Shortly after, Kirsty Hawkshaw revealed that Fragma had never paid her royalties for her contribution to the 2006 single Radio Waves . Legally binding contracts were never issued, and the release was illegal. She further wrote that she loves the Bastian remix of the track, released in October 2012, and that she was sure Bastian had nothing to do with “the rogue label Tiger Records”. Kirsty Hawkshaw and Coco Star have both stated that they support each other.

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InPetto In Petto BrahmaputraInPetto In Petto BrahmaputraInPetto In Petto BrahmaputraInPetto In Petto Brahmaputra