Betty everett - getting mighty crowded / it's in his kiss / you're no good

A row of windows from the front of Tara's left side waiting to be placed in flats (cradles) to better secure them before being stood up on display.

What would be a suitable substitute for the grapeseed oil? I can’t seem to find that in any of the grocery stores here. I’ve got canola oil, flax oil and walnut oil.

superb " getting mighty crowded" which despite the appearance plays loud and strong and improves as it goes. vg intro l- vee-jay issue of betty everett 's. very worn ...

Betty Everett is sometimes regarded as a one-shot artist since the only big hit she had was "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)." She did have a few other singles that dented the charts mildly, though, and which more importantly were good soul songs. One was "You're No Good," long before the chart-topping mid-1970s cover of that song by Linda Ronstadt. Another was "Getting Mighty Crowded," which was excellent pop-soul from the pen of Van McCoy, a fine Brill Building-styled songwriter a decade before he became more famous for his disco hits. "Getting Mighty Crowded" has the pounding midtempo dancefloor beat so typical of much mid-1960s pop-soul, and in latter days so beloved by British fans as an example of the genre whose name they retroactively coined, "Northern Soul." If "Getting Mighty Crowded" is at a midpoint of pop and soul, Everett's delivery is at a midpoint between cool reserve and heated passion. In keeping with quite a bit of Chicago-generated soul of the era, there are peppy horn charts that owe a bit to Latin music, and low-key but haunting backup female vocals. "Getting Mighty Crowded" isn't a stone classic, but it's a mighty pleasant tune, one whose groove falls in a compelling niche between stomp and swing.

RICARDO MONTALBAN is best known for his starring role on Fantasy Island. Other stars considered to play "Mr. Roarke" were Orson Welles and John Huston.