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We drew their attention to how describing schizophrenia as a disease process, as acknowledged on their own website, is not founded on any physical evidence: “There are no blood tests or scans that can prove if you have schizophrenia. Only a psychiatrist can diagnose you after a full psychiatric assessment. Psychiatrists use manuals to diagnose mental illnesses”  (Rethink). This is after more than 100 years since it was first used as a descriptive term.

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Nepotistic appointment practices played a significant role in allocating posts. The election of James Monro as Bethlem physician in 1728 marked the beginning of an 125-year Monro family dynasty extending through four generations of fathers and sons. In 1758 William Battie, a former Governor at Bethlem, published his Treatise on Madness which castigated Bethlem as archaic and outmoded, uncaring of its patients and founded upon a despairing medical system whose therapeutic transactions were injudicious and unnecessarily violent. Bethlem was best known for the fact that it allowed admittance for a fee to casual visitors with no connection to the hospital's inmates. This display of madness as public show has often been considered the most scandalous feature of the historical Bedlam. "Swarms of People" descended upon Bethlem during public holidays. The Governors actively sought out "people of note and quallitie" as visitors, presumably because they were prepared to pay higher fees. The practice was never officially recognised (or accounted for), and probably grew out of the ancient monastic custom of giving alms to the poor. The spectacle of Bethlem was also thought to offer moral instruction for visitors, providing a deterrent by demonstrating the dangers of immorality and vice. For proponents of lunacy reform, a Quaker-run York Retreat, founded in 1796, functioned as an exemplar of the new civilised approach. Bethlem, still embroiled in scandal over its inmate conditions, symbolised its antithesis.

While occasionally experiencing one or two of the above symptoms may not be cause for concern (everyone has a few nervous habits and difficulties in their lives!), having a number of these symptoms may mean you are under more stress than you think. But realizing you are under stress is the first step in learning to deal with stress. We recommend you take our stress test then read on to learn more about dealing with stress.

As Vladimir Bukovsky and Semyon Gluzman wrote in their joint A Manual on Psychiatry for Dissenters , "the Soviet use of psychiatry as a punitive means is based upon the deliberate interpretation of dissent... as a psychiatric problem." [25]

In 2008 DiCamillo competed in a Mortal Kombat world competition and beat the previous record holder to become the champion. With a score of 10,226,500 , he toppled David Nelson's score of 7,691,000. DiCamillo held the title until 2009, when Isaiah TriForce Johnson’s 24,821,500 points crushed DiCamillo’s score. DiCamillo loved video games so much that he and some of the Jackass guys had a MTV series called Blastazoid , in which they built a life-sized replica of the Donkey Kong game.

Being sent away to military school at age 13, Zimbardo and Sword contend, led to “arrested emotional development,” perhaps a factor in what they see as Trump’s hedonism, and a “pubescent default setting when confronted by others.”

With one in four of us experiencing mental health problems it is a fact of life for many viewers and getting it wrong risks annoying or alienating much of your audience. It can be challenging but it can also be dramatic and interesting, without having to resort to sterotypes such as 'the mad axeman'. 

Mental & Dangerous MAD Katalystik EPMental & Dangerous MAD Katalystik EPMental & Dangerous MAD Katalystik EPMental & Dangerous MAD Katalystik EP