Unknown artist ante zenit 36

As a producer and label head, Carola has created labels like Design , Zenit , Question , One Thousands , . and Music On . Carola has been releasing music on a selection of labels such as Minus , Plus 8 2M and Primate Recordings. In addition to five albums, including his latest ‘Play It Loud’ in 2011, Carola has also been responsible for a clutch of seminal mix compilations. In 2006, his mix Fabric 31 . [1] for the London club Fabric ’s series was a lesson in sleek, future-facing minimalism . That was followed up by compilations for Time Warp in 2009. He has also held very successful residencies at Amnesia Ibiza , with Cocoon , for two years, and with his own Music On project from 2012 on. Music On was launched in 2011 at the Shelbourne Hotel in Miami , as the way for Carola to implement his vision of clubbing and music development, and to share his wealth of experience and knowledge.

Name: „Ломо Компакт-А“
Producer: Lomo
Frame size: 24x36 mm.
Lens: Minitar-1  /32.
Shutter: 2s-1/500s.

The album's biggest draw, per usual, is the production of DJ Paul and Juicy "J." Tracks like "Swervin'" creep at the kind of slow cough-syrup speed that plays on at least one level of all Three 6 Mafia songs. Different levels proliferate, though. "Knock Tha Black Off Yo Ass" circles haunting background moans around fitfully sawing strings and a hissy beat that kicks up a mist of embalming fluid. "Poppin' My Collar" lumbers beneath a mangled soul sample that would give Kanye West hives. And "Pussy Got Ya Hooked" grows hypnotic as carnival-esque organ figures tuck into spooky piano and muttering bass. Dramatic ideas alternate with subtle variations in every track, giving a surprisingly delicate touch to music that wouldn't seem to make delicacy a high priority.

Early support from Locodice, Matthias Tanzmann, Gregor Tresher, Dubfire, Nic Fanciulli! New Japanese dance music label, ARPA RECORDS is launching as its first release very own label boss DJ SODEYAMA’s techno track “MILES". Previously having released on respected labels ZENIT, ANTE ZENIT and more recently on labels ARCHIPEL, KUMO, WE ARE, DJ SODEYAMA’s tracks feature a wide range of musical dimensions and have gained much credibility and interest from DJs worldwide. The original mix features ontop of some heavy minimal beats and an expanding rhythm, a poetry reading by Richard Spitzer and a deep but solid synth groove. 8BIT and CECILLE label boss Nick Curly takes the other side into a trade mark remix featuring some long breaks but kept together by some solid groovy rhythms throughout.

Unknown Artist Ante Zenit 36