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Jones’s family says in a statement: “He passed next to his passions, his horses, and was one hour away from his wife, Jessica Pacheco-Jones.”

Director Dee Rees  talks about casting Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan and  Jason Mitchell for her film "Mudbound." After loving Mitchell's performance in "Straight Outta Compton," Rees said, "I'd be so lucky to get him in my film."

J ones was a child star, appearing in Oliver! and Pickwick , both based on books by Charles Dickens – which was almost typecasting: Jones' Manchester childhood was truly Dickensian. His mother suffered from emphysema, and passed away when Davy was 14. All four Jones children slept in a single bedroom, and the bathroom was outside the house. Davy's father, who worked for British Railways, fell into a depression when his wife died.

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The Monkees - Monkee FlipsThe Monkees - Monkee FlipsThe Monkees - Monkee FlipsThe Monkees - Monkee Flips