Backstreet boys - shape-cd mit b-rok

The release date for the disc is somewhat disputed, with some sources listing 1995, and some listing 1996. Some confusion might be due to the release of the different versions of the disc in different markets. Official charts for European countries including Germany , [2] [3] Switzerland [4] and Austria , [5] however, all give a release date of May 6, 1996, and data where available shows the album first appearing on various European charts within a couple of weeks of that date.

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AJ: When we were doing the Millennium Tour, there was a featherweight fight going on here [in Las Vegas]. I was playing blackjack and I was in a tank top -- this is back in the day with all of the bling or whatever -- and the dealer thought I was one of the guys that fought. I don't know anything about boxing. He asked what division I played in, I said "Cuban division." I didn't know what the hell he was talking about. He literally thought I was a boxer, and then the cab drive that night also thought I was the same boxer. I have yet to see what this guy looks like, but he must be pretty handsome.

Playlist: The Very Best of the Backstreet Boys is the second greatest hits album by American vocal group Backstreet Boys , released by Legacy Recordings as part of their Playlist series. This compilation includes songs from the group's first six studio albums, Backstreet Boys (1996), Backstreet's Back (1997), Millennium (1999), Black & Blue (2000), Never Gone (2005) and Unbreakable (2007), and the single " Drowning " from The Hits – Chapter One (2001).

Backstreet Boys - Shape-CD Mit B-RokBackstreet Boys - Shape-CD Mit B-RokBackstreet Boys - Shape-CD Mit B-RokBackstreet Boys - Shape-CD Mit B-Rok