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You might not agree with these reasons, but there are plenty of them out there for people to choose from. A White voter has little reason to think, I have to tell this guy I plan to vote for Obama or else he'll think I'm a bigot. Especially since the next questions in the survey will probably allow the respondent to explain her candidate preference. Yes, I realize that various polls have come out telling us that X% of Americans admit they won't vote for a Black presidential candidate no matter what. But these aren't the folks who are supposedly responsible for the Bradley Effect–this X% is the group who's completely willing and eager to admit to their bias over the phone to strangers.

PALM BEACH, FL/December 25, 2017 (AP)() — Heading into his first Christmas in office, President Donald Trump took note of those he considers naughty (a top FBI official, the news media) and nice (. troops The post Trump takes note of who s naughty and nice at Christmas appeared first on .

Please note: this article was started when Bitcoin crossed $10,000. Bitcoin is now at $18,000 (maybe even higher as you read this). When thinking about Bitcoin and Amazon it might be easy for one to ignore the relevance to their own situation. What does a cryptocurrency and an online retailer have to do with me (or my institution)? The answer - everything. It isn't about Bitcoin or per se, but rather what
Wed, 20 Dec 2017 10:34:54

Most direct to garment printers are descendants of the desktop inkjet printer,
therefore many DTG printers, such as the Spectra DTG, Anajet Sprint, and the BelQuette Mod1 utilize some parts from preexisting printers.
Some companies, such as Briquette, DTG Digital, AnaJet, Oprintjet, Brother, MAPI Digital,
Kornit and Mimaki have printers which utilize similar technology, but are manufactured without the exact parts from any other brand machine.