Claro intelecto - neurofibro

In late-2014, the title track of Coles' 2010 EP What They Say gained a re-surge in popularity after it was sampled in the Nicki Minaj song " Truffle Butter ", a collaborative track with Drake and Lil Wayne from her album The Pinkprint . [27]

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This is full fat DeepChord, swollen with bass and bristling with combustible, oxidising textures that their legion disciples will relish. Includes some sweeter highlights in the roving subs and dancing melodies of  Wind In Trees  and the insistent mesh of ghostly, pealing partials with pneumatic bass in  Point Reyes .

1. To Be Or Not To Be?
2. The Gathering (Gerd edit)
3. To Be Or Not To Be? (May Day mix)
4. The Gathering (Pain mix)

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— I’m disappointed. Club culture has never mutated into a meaningful social movement other than a vehicle for staying out late and getting high. Millions and millions of young people gather at places, yet it has never become a political movement. It was always about forgetting, and it’s sad, because I saw the roots of it, the freely accessible and open-minded parties of the early nineties that were later criminalized [in the UK]. I really feel saddened that club culture never spoke up for more than anything other than itself.

Claro Intelecto - NeurofibroClaro Intelecto - NeurofibroClaro Intelecto - NeurofibroClaro Intelecto - Neurofibro