Sarah - herzelomp betek an trec'h

Pursued by 'Vadum and 'Juran, Tem managed to enter the installation's hangar, where he encountered the Minister and a group of Yanme'e. The Minister then stated that the installation was no longer stable and that another firing of the Halo could result in its destruction. However, the Minister revealed his plan to have Tem bring the Halo aboard Shadow of Intent to use at Sanghelios, which would result in his death. Tem, no longer certain of his trust in the Minister, requested the truth on his family's fate. The Minister admitted that he had lied and proceeded to argue that he had suffered a greater loss than the Prelate, having lost the Sacred Promissory. With the Prelate feeling defeated and empty, the Minister revealed that he had acquired more San'Shyuum willing to follow his orders. No longer having a need for Tem, the Minister ordered the Yanme'e to open fire on the Prelate. As Tem was heavily wounded by the Yanme'e, 'Vadum and 'Juran suddenly arrived at the installation, having heard part of the San'Shyuum's conversation, and mortally wounded the Minister. The Minister fled to safety and attempted to activate the Halo to kill all those nearby. While 'Vadum and 'Juran engaged the Yanme'e, Tem escaped from the fight. [4]