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The term Roma is increasingly encountered during recent decades, [79] [80] as a generic term for the Romani people. [81] [82] [83]

The battle for control of the town and its fortress continued with attacks by the Portuguese in 1660. In 1705, during the Spanish War of Succession, Badajoz was controlled by the Allies following the death of the heirless King Charles II. It was taken by Spain, prompting Philip V, grandson of Louis XI of France, to take over the reins of Spain itself. [4] [10] In 1715 Portugal signed a peace agreement with Spain and surrendered its claims to Badajoz in lieu of Spain's cession of Sacramento territory in the La Plata area in South America. [21] The Peace Treaty of Badajoz was signed between Spain and Portugal on 6 June 1801. [22] The Portuguese, feeling that an attack by French troops stationed in Ciudad Rodrigo was imminent, agreed to cede Olivenza to Spain and declared that it would close its ports to British ships. [22] This agreement was revoked in 1807 as its terms were breached when the Treaty of Fontainbleau was signed between Spain and France on 27 October 1807. [22]

Total population; 2–20 million: Regions with significant populations United States: 1,000,000 estimated with Romani ancestry (5,400 per 2000 census) Brazil

Sarah - Latcho DromSarah - Latcho DromSarah - Latcho DromSarah - Latcho Drom