Nancy sinatra - cause i'm in sugar town

Presley's first, very brief, appearance on the show was at the beginning. [12] Entering in his army uniform, Presley joined the other guests on the show, including Sinatra's daughter Nancy, to sing a part of "It's Nice To Go Trav'ling". [5] His other two songs, "Stuck On You" and "Fame And Fortune", had been released only days before the taping of the special. [11] Presley also performed with Sinatra, each singing a song the other had made famous, taking turns to sing a verse each; Presley sang "Witchcraft" and Sinatra sang "Love Me Tender". [12] Both songs were sung in the swing style that Sinatra was famous for, although critics were divided on how well it had sounded; "Presley had difficulty with the melody of the Sinatra hit. The harmony between the pair on “Love Me Tender” came off in good style." [8] [12] [13]

Yet Time magazine did a spread on the case in late December, and was among the first to comment on suspicious thinking: "As the drama continued to unfold, there were rumors that it was all a publicity stunt or some other sort of hoax, and indeed that was one of the first avenues of investigation probed by the FBI. Then, too, there was the matter of Frank Sr.'s genial flirtation with a kind of shadow Clan of his own, consisting of high-echelon hoods. No one figured out the connection, if any, but many were prepared to view the kidnapping as something less than the real thing. They were wrong."

A portrait of Keith Richards that takes us on a journey to discover the genesis of his sound as a songwriter, guitarist and performer.

Leo Durocher, one of Sinatra's closest friends, was now shooting pool in the small room behind the bar. Standing near the door was Jim Mahoney, Sinatra's press agent, a somewhat chunky young man with a square jaw and narrow eyes who would resemble a tough Irish plainclothesman if it were not for the expensive continental suits he wears and his exquisite shoes often adorned with polished buckles. Also nearby was a big, broad-shouldered two-hundred-pound actor named Brad Dexter who seemed always to be thrusting out his chest so that his gut would not show.

He met her again and danced with her in a nightclub when he was with Lana, and she — at 23, divorced from both Rooney and her second husband, the band leader Artie Shaw — was with the ­billionaire tycoon Howard Hughes.

Nancy Sinatra - Cause I'm In Sugar TownNancy Sinatra - Cause I'm In Sugar TownNancy Sinatra - Cause I'm In Sugar TownNancy Sinatra - Cause I'm In Sugar Town