Various - ¡esto si es ibiza!

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Very unusual combination. Smelling this in the box I was put off but once I sprayed( idk what possessed me) it became sexy and sweet/ peppery. My friend liked it a lot and asked where I got it. I just tried it on...this is like a cute little dog who has a sassy side. Surprising and not at all typical. I'm not sure any other scent has this combination or anything close.. I'd possibly buy this for cooler weather. The bottle is adorable it has its own tiny scarf!

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The movie basically follows Augie’s school year at a private school: the cruel teasing he suffers, the unlikely friendships he makes, the prejudices he helps others overcome. But Chbosky approaches the familiar material with clever touches, telling the story not just through Augie’s pint-sized eyes, but also those of his neglected older sister (Izabela Vidovic), her best friend (Danielle Rose Russell), and his classmates (including Noah Jupe and Bryce Gheisar). It doesn’t hurt that smaller supporting parts are played by seasoned pros like Mandy Patinkin and Sonia Braga. But the real star here is Tremblay, whose sad saucer eyes and thousand-watt smile are like an antidote to the tear-jerker genre’s clichés, like not one but two slow-clap moments of triumph. Yes, you’ve seen some version of this before, but rarely done this well, this tastefully, and with this much restraint. Will you know that you’re being manipulated? Duh. But the wonder of Wonder is you won’t mind a bit.  B+

Various - ¡Esto Si Es Ibiza!Various - ¡Esto Si Es Ibiza!Various - ¡Esto Si Es Ibiza!Various - ¡Esto Si Es Ibiza!