Branimir štulić - balegari ne vjeruju sreći

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After liberation from Axis Powers in 1945, the new socialist Yugoslavia became a federal country, and officially recognized and valued its ethnic diversity. Traditional ethnic identities again became the primary ethnic designations used by most inhabitants of Yugoslavia. However, many people still declared themselves as "Yugoslavs" because they wanted to express an identification with Yugoslavia as a whole, but not specifically with any of its peoples.

Folk rock is a music genre combining elements of folk music and rock music. In its earliest and narrowest sense, the term referred to a genre that arose in the United ...

Meryem Akçay, who has a compassionate character, is very popular at place where she lives. Sevgilisiy, who has marital plans, dreams of a happy life with Prosecutor Oktay. Meryem's life is turned upside down when she was involved in car accident. She started to live totally different life when she is called a murderer for traffic accident resulting in death.

Today Pop-folk record companies collaborate with various partners, mainly from other Balkan countries, giving in to the popular world trends of RnB and Hip-Hop, as well as dance, techno, house and even dubstep and drum and bass, making this type of music more popular abroad.

Branimir Štulić - Balegari Ne Vjeruju SrećiBranimir Štulić - Balegari Ne Vjeruju SrećiBranimir Štulić - Balegari Ne Vjeruju SrećiBranimir Štulić - Balegari Ne Vjeruju Sreći