Lieven debrauwer - dichten wat is dichten dan?

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You said that you used to be very shy on stage. How did you overcome this shyness, and do you have any advice for performers that suffer from stage fright?
Well, my shyness kind of disappeared naturally when I grew up… I also got more confidence by working with a lot of good and experienced actors, that had faith in me as a director and were prepared to do take after take until I was happy with the result. So they trusted my creative judgement, which gave me the confidence to think that what I was doing couldn’t be all that bad. I started to have more courage to do more things. Also the fact that theater was always my passion… It’s now or never. This way of thinking gets rid of any remaining shyness I might have.
It also becomes a habit: I have my repertoire now, I know the songs that I perform well… so that also helps to be confident on stage. And I just enjoy it so much! Which the audience of course notices as well.

When Martha dies, her will stipulates that her estate be split equally between the three sisters, only if Paulette and Cecile care for Pauline themselves. They agree to share Pauline’s care. Although the sisters are fond of Pauline, their relationship with her is awkward and tentative. Initially, Paulette brings Pauline home, and they negotiate the new living arrangements with a mixture of embarrassment and kindness, frustration and delight. When the burden of caring for her sister becomes overwhelming, Pauline is deposited in Brussels at Cecile’s tiny, meticulously kept apartment. When these arrangements become unworkable, Pauline is eventually institutionalized.

Lieven Debrauwer - Dichten Wat Is Dichten Dan?Lieven Debrauwer - Dichten Wat Is Dichten Dan?Lieven Debrauwer - Dichten Wat Is Dichten Dan?Lieven Debrauwer - Dichten Wat Is Dichten Dan?