Lil menace - decicated to la raza

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Upon awakening on Earth, and taking the form of a Porsche, Cliffjumper met Sparkplug and his son Spike. With the Decepticons still not in the know of what forms the Autobots had taken, Cliffjumper was one of the troops that Optimus led into the desert in order to ambush their enemies. Though they successfully took by surprise a squadron of Decepticons, the Autobots had not anticipated a second group flying in from the opposite direction. Thanks to a warning from Spike and Sparkplug, the Autobots managed to fend off the Decepticons, and came to accept Earth as their new home. Battle for Cybertron

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Listen To Lil Wayne’s “Everyday We Sick”, Download Mp3 Lil Wayne finally has decided to drop his debut mixtape Dedication 6 which he has been teasing […]

Featuring: Red Cafe, Maino, Big Joe, Joel Ortiz, Cherokee D'Ass, Millian Blu Streets Talk DVD, episode 5

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Lil Menace - Decicated To La RazaLil Menace - Decicated To La RazaLil Menace - Decicated To La RazaLil Menace - Decicated To La Raza