Serph - level orange

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Certain Seraph items are stocked by the vendor in each DLC, and are available on all difficulty modes. However, some items are never sold and must be obtained as drops from raid bosses in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode . The items for sale have random modifiers and not all items may show up during each visit. Exactly one Seraph Relic is available as the Item of the Day.

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Their plan succeeded, and Sera was rescued. Knowing the Solid's defeat, Mick escapes, but ended up being surrounded by the Embryon, and was subsequently killed. Returning to Muladhara, they realized that since Bat was left alive, Sera's presence has been found. Knowing Bat sided with the Brutes, Gale proposes a plan, where they decides to trap the member of Brutes inside a deserted ship while blowing the ship altogether with explosives. Their plan was a success; however, Serph and co. escape was intercepted by Bat. Transforming into his Atma form, Bat engages the party in battle. However, Bat loses, and dies in the explosion. A devastated Argilla later asks Serph their reasons for fighting and devouring others, as they are no different from their enemies.

"Hey, you need a ride?" a voice shouted. Sera saw a car beside her. Inside was a girl around her age, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Serph - Level OrangeSerph - Level Orange