Hang up hang-up burst

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meddle late 13c., "to mingle," from . medler (. mesler) "to mix, mingle, to meddle," from . *misculare, from L. miscere "to mix" (see mix). Meaning "to concern oneself" (usually disparaging) is attested from early 15c. From mid-14c. to 1700, it also was a euphemism for "have sexual intercourse." Related: Meddled; meddler; meddlesome; meddling.

Our prayers also align us with God, assuming they are prayers that are true to God's nature, and not prayers that seek wealth or revenge. What does alignment with God accomplish? You never can tell. It certainly would put us in a mind to help another. It would ease the other's burden. It would amend our lives and, thus, amend the lives of others, in ways we might never see.

When she finally wakes up the next afternoon, I am hopeful that it’s over, another horrible gastroenteritis survived. But something isn’t right. Her cheeks are flushed, and her breathing is shallow. “Mommy,” she whispers in my ear.

Hang Up Hang-Up BurstHang Up Hang-Up BurstHang Up Hang-Up BurstHang Up Hang-Up Burst