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This is good stuff...for the first 4-5 hrs (maybe 6 if i'm lucky). When I first read notes I thought mango? Lol ok whatever, a mango note never struck me as a something that goes with woody notes. Until after trying this, I happened to consume an un-ripened's flesh still firm to touch and tastewise still on the bitter side. AmaZing!! It actually leaves a woody piney aroma/taste that lingers. Very much a panty dropper as well. But not like Lacoste Style in Play, 212, Varvatos and Bogart.

In November, it was reported that Liminha would return to the fold, while Karina Zeviani was said to replace Duncan as the band's female vocalist. [10] Neither is part of the new band lineup. Sérgio Dias announced in late 2007 the recording of a new studio album, with some collaboration by Tom Zé and Devendra Banhart . [11] In April 2008, Os Mutantes released their first song in more than 30 years, called "Mutantes Depois", with new female vocalist Bia Mendes and male vocalist Fabio Recco, available for digital download and online stream. [12]

Since 1999, born from the concept  of ​​Andrea Mangiarotti, the title is inspired by the Classical Series of Telefilm, the difference that we will make a Journey into Music History and the Italian Movie History.. news..ecc. ( Talk & Music in Italian language )

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Various - Balada Rock TerunggulVarious - Balada Rock TerunggulVarious - Balada Rock TerunggulVarious - Balada Rock Terunggul