Lunatic fringe - eggsistential crisis. studio recordings 1981-1984

late 13c., "affected with periodic insanity, dependent on the changes of the moon," from Old French lunatique , lunage "insane," or directly from Late Latin lunaticus "moon-struck," from Latin luna "moon" (see Luna ). Cf. Old English monseoc "lunatic," literally "moon-sick;" Middle High German lune "humor, temper, mood, whim, fancy" (German Laune ), from Latin luna . Cf. also New Testament Greek seleniazomai "be epileptic," from selene "moon." Lunatic fringe (1913) apparently was coined by . politician Theodore Roosevelt. Then, among the wise and high-minded people who in self-respecting and genuine fashion strive earnestly for peace, there are foolish fanatics always to be found in such a movement and always discrediting it -- the men who form the lunatic fringe in all reform movements. [Theodore Roosevelt, autobiography, 1913]. Earlier it was a term for a type of hairstyle worn over the forehead (1877). Lunatic soup (1933) was Australian slang for "alcoholic drink."

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early 14c., from Old French frenge "thread, strand, fringe, hem" (early 14c.), from Vulgar Latin *frimbia , metathesis of Latin fimbriae (plural) "fibers, threads, fringe," of uncertain origin. Figurative sense of "outer edge, margin," is first recorded 1894. Related: Fringes . Fringe benefits is recorded from 1952.

Japan and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the United Nations, G7, G-20, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, ASEAN Regional Forum, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization. Japan is also a Partner for Cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and an observer to the Organization of American States. In January 2016, Japan began its two year role as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Also in 2016 Japan assumed the presidency of the G7 and hosted ten ministerial meetings during the year as well as the May 2016 G7 Leaders’ Summit.

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Lunatic Fringe - Eggsistential Crisis. Studio Recordings 1981-1984Lunatic Fringe - Eggsistential Crisis. Studio Recordings 1981-1984Lunatic Fringe - Eggsistential Crisis. Studio Recordings 1981-1984Lunatic Fringe - Eggsistential Crisis. Studio Recordings 1981-1984