Sifu versus - 正義 seigi

After killing with one blow a Sea King that assaulted their car, T-Bone started running along the tracks by himself, seeking help and chasing the train. He encountered a Sea King on his path, but he cut it in half and continued. He was then reached by the Rocket Man , and after exchanging some words with Roronoa Zoro , he battled him on the rails, attacking him with his Chokkaku Hichō: Bone Ōdorī . Despite his skills, he was defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates swordsman's Gyūki: Yuzume . Zoro's blow destroyed T-Bone's blade and knocked him into the sea as the Rocket Man sped down the tracks. [10] [7]

As with Tsukihime , the character base in Fate/stay night is extremely comprehensive and expansive, with characters possessing varied and extraordinary abilities.

However, to counter Big Fire's superhuman elements, "Experts" are recruited and granted special international jurisdiction. The agents assembled are known as the Experts of Justice ( 正義のエキスパート , Seigi no Ekisupāto ? ) . Working with the Experts from the Peking Branch is Daisaku Kusama. While he does not possess any special powers, Daisaku is the one and only master of Giant Robo. Constructed by Daisaku's father, [4] Giant Robo is the IPO's trump card against Big Fire.

Sifu VERSUS - 正義 Seigi