Why b da paper boi - 1 of dem ones

The production for I'm Serious , was handled by The Neptunes, DJ Toomp , Madvac and The Grand Hustle Team. Despite the album's guests appearances and production team, the album peaked at number 98 and only sold 163,000 copies in the United States. [21] Critics pointed to the fact that many of the tracks sounded the same and that a few were blatant rip-offs. [22] Other critics commented saying, ". claims to be the king of the South, but fails to show and prove. He does, however, have potential. If his talent ever matches his confidence, he may be headed for stardom." [23]

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In every organisation, the subordinates get to grade their higher ups and have one on one discussions with them, and try to work out terms of agreement. The same should be applied in schools too. Teachers are usually tested based on the knowledge they have of the subject, but very rarely based on their teaching skills. If students are allowed to grade teachers, it would be a very good test of the teachers' teaching skills.

Why B Da Paper Boi - 1 Of Dem OnesWhy B Da Paper Boi - 1 Of Dem OnesWhy B Da Paper Boi - 1 Of Dem OnesWhy B Da Paper Boi - 1 Of Dem Ones